Chayn informs and empowers survivors of gender-based violence so we are able to identify the abuse we are experiencing, choose how to respond in a way that works for us, and move forward in our healing. Chayn's open, online resources and services are trauma-informed, intersectional, multilingual, and feminist.


Bloom is a remote trauma support service offering video courses, information about trauma and gender-based violence, and therapeutic practices to help survivors heal. Launched in 2020, Bloom has 1-to-1 chat with facilitators, the option to receive 2 messages a week via WhatsApp, a monthly newsletter, and several courses. Through a partnership with Bumble and Badoo, Bloom is now offered in Hindi, Portuguese, French, Spanish and English.

Digital support


Your Story Matters (YSM) is a digital companion for survivors of sexual assault launched in 2019. Formerly called YANA (You Are Not Alone) and funded by Nesta and the UK Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport through the Tech to Connect Challenge, YSM has curated content including recovery, moving through trauma, accessing justice through the law, stories of resilience, and allows survivors the option to create an account and save their journey.

Digital support

soul medicine

Through notes of love and information, Soul Medicine offers bite-sized support to survivors, and an easy system to find meaningful support. This service has resources on opening a bank account, managing money, regaining confidence after trauma, coping with stress, and practicing assertive communication. It also contains the written Bloom courses. Soul Medicine gives users the option to follow their own pathway and receive disguised safeguarded emails at a specific time.

Digital support

Less than 2%

In a three-episode podcast, Hera Hussain, Jeevan Ravindran and Emma Guy walk with survivors of sexual violence who seek justice from the legal system, and share stories of hope and resilience. Less Than 2% reveals the retraumatisation and lack of adequate support from a system that does not work for survivors, calling for radical change and demanding institutions acknowledge failures to support sexual abuse survivors in the UK and beyond.


Manipulation is abuse

This guide explains manipulation, one of the more subtle types of abuse that can have a lasting impact on our emotional health. It uses illustrations, examples, and common scenarios to detail to readers how the abusive tactics that might seem normal to us can actually be subtly damaging and harmful. It also helps us get out of manipulative situations if we choose and is written for people of all identities.


getting better &
moving on

We know that being in an abusive relationship can impact our mental health. The guide breaks down complex terms and helps us to understand what we might be going through, what helped others, and how we can try to get away from our feelings when we are at our worst. It offers different types of self care for us based on what we might be experiencing.


the good friend guide

It can be scary, frustrating, and extremely emotional to know that someone we love is in an abusive relationship. This short and practical guide is a way to help us deal with those feelings so that we are supporting the person we love while also taking care of ourself. The guide is not meant to take the place of a professional, although it can be used alongside professional support.


Do-It-Yourself Online Safety

Technology can makes us vulnerable, but you don't have to go offline because of the abuse. This guide lets us assess our risks and maintain some control online with a collection of best practices to protect us from dangerous situations. We discuss social media, emails, passwords, and secure browsing in simple terms. It's available inEnglish, French, Urdu, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Farsi, and Pashto. There are easy and advanced versions.


How to build a domestic abuse case

We know that legal battles can be terrifying and overwhelming for survivors of abuse, and it is often not even an option for financial or other reasons to consult a professional. With this guide, we provide support in collecting and presenting evidence for divorce cases, criminal cases, and/or child custody cases. Available in English, Arabic, Urdu, Italian, and Portuguese, the guide is clear, practical, and checked by lawyers.


the directory by chayn

Chayn maintains a global directory which lists organisations, helplines, and services for survivors of gender-based violence. You can search by many filters including your location and the type of service required. This crowdsourced directory is always being updated with the help of our community. Please contact us if anything is out of date.


little window

The inspiration for this project came from our Tech vs Abuse report on how technology could help to tackle issues related to domestic violence and abuse. We partnered with Founders & Coders to create a chatbot that provided quick, direct access to Chayn resources to save them time in searching across all of our websites.

Chatbot (retired)