When designing digital products and services that support people in healing from trauma, it’s important to understand that ‘success’ needs to be measured in specific, trauma informed ways. The measures of success we use need to be more nuanced than, and may even run counter intuitive to, typical metrics of success (i.e. engagement) that we see with non-trauma related digital tools, services and resources.

How Chayn’s strategy so-creation process is inspiring La Sobremesa

A case study on how Latin American consultancy is adapting Chayn’s strategy process for themselves, as well as three more organisations. We spoke to La Sobremesa to understand how Chayn’s process of working in the open has impacted them.

8 minute read

Image of people smiling and laughing, with two people joined hands. La Sobremesa's logo overlaps the image

Our 2023 Impact Report

We review Chayn’s impact on survivors both through our reach, meaning how many survivors we have supported, and depth, meaning how we’re seeing transformational change. We analyse the impact of our movement building work for other VAWG organisations, through our partnerships, and through our advocacy work.

15 minute read