Since 2013, Chayn has been a leading presence across the gender-based violence, tech for good, and nonprofit sectors. Our movement building work is core to our mission. In line with our mission to support survivors across borders, we focus our contributions on the global feminist and digital rights movement. Read below about the kinds of partnerships Chayn has fostered - and how to become our next partner.

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Commercial Partnerships

We take on commerical partnerships for any of the services and training we offer. We're also open to building bespoke solutions for the challenges you're facing in your organisation.

Case Study: Bumble

In 2021 we launched a Bloom partnership with Bumble Inc, to offer a bespoke programme of Bloom to their community who reports sexual harassment abuse or assault. We carried out extensive research with their users to co-create custom content and support offers. We continue to iterate on and improve the programme, responding to what we hear from ongoing user research and impact measurement. You can read more about this industry-first partnership here

Re-use our material

Chayn believes in working in the open, and sharing our knowledge and learning with survivors and practitioners around the world. That’s why all our code is open-source, and all our guides are available under a Creative Commons licence for nonprofit usage. We've supported many organisations to adapt our resources to their own contexts and welcome working with organisations who can help us expland the languages our resources are available in.

Tu historia importa

Our platform Your Story Matters, a digital companion for survivors for sexual trauma, has been localised to Mexico. We worked with Recrea Estrategias organisation to support them in creating Tu Historia Importa which is specific to the experience of survivors from Mexico.

Collaborate on funding

We love to collaborate with non-profits to submit bids for funding. We've worked with organisations across the world to deliver projects for survivors, as well as produce research, practitioner resources, and best practice guides.

Orbits - a global field guide to advance intersectional, survivor-centred, and trauma-informed interventions to tech abuse

From January 2021 to June 2022, Chayn and End Cyber Abuse went on to understand the nature of Tech-facilitated Gender Based Violence (TGBV) and how we can best address it. Co-created with thinkers, practitioners, and survivors from around the world, the guide focuses on three areas that are vital for effectively tackling tech abuse: technology, research, and policy. You can read Orbits here, and learn more about our process through our blog series here.